Deltaleigh International

To ensure that we can offer our clients the most extensive range of competitively priced quality industrial fixings and fastenings, Deltaleigh have carefully hand-picked and nurtured partnerships with select companies throughout the Far East over a period of  20 years.

These exclusive relationships offer the possibility of choice import for smaller quantities of products unavailable so cost effectively from UK manufacture, opening up the possibility of import for the smaller company. We have, through tried and tested relationships found this to be a mutually beneficial source of closing this market gap.
Products include:

Wood screws:
Twin thread, chipboard, drywall, brass, self-tappers etc.

Roofing, carriage, set screws, machine screws

Brass, channel, steel nuts, threaded rod, washers

Profile sheeting, steel mesh and fencing wires
Specialised Moulding

We can organise and produce tooling for a vast aray of plastic injected products, from drawing stage to actual sample. Please lets us know your requests.

All of the above products can be included in one container for direct delivery to your place of business. Our contract agreements are constructed in the UK, and are controlled from the UK via our Shanghai office. All elements of import are handled directly by Deltaleigh Ltd, and payments are made in the UK, for your piece of mind.