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Deltaleigh has extensive and current UK production facilities for on-site manufacture based in West Yorkshire, conveniently located just minutes from the M62 motorway, offering easy access to all motorway networks.

Here on-site, we have the facilities and the technology to organise the manufacture of products to any European standard or individual client specification required. (Please see our products section for individual product specifications, and do not hesitate to contact us with any bespoke requests).

With our specialisation of nail production and plastic injection, Deltaleigh have the facilities to combine these techniques to offer a range of stainless steel plastic headed nails and pins for fascia fixing, further complimenting our existing range of masonry nails, concrete screws, carriage bolts and plastic wall plugs.

Recent further expansion of our production in enables us to offer a full range of frame and hammer fixings, complimenting our comprehensive range of carriage bolts and associated fasteners.

We employ a large team of production staff which not only maintains our production levels, but also enables us to offer a white label service to any client. We package our products in neutral containers, and can label with your trade name, therefore your product can reach you pre-branded. To find out more, please. contact us