• Designed for use when installing Doors & Windows.
  • Hardwood or Laminate Flooring.
  • Decking & Outdoor Garden Buildings.
  • Suitable for many other useful applications.
  • Manufactured from Virgin Polypropylene to ensure both strength and durability.

Sizes and Description

FFPACK201Flat Packers 100x20mm 1mm GREEN
FFPACK202Flat Packers 100x20mm 2mm BLACK
FFPACK203Flat Packers 100x20mm 3mm WHITE
FFPACK204Flat Packers 100x20mm 4mm GREY
FFPACK205Flat Packers 100x20mm 5mm BLUE
FFPACK206Flat Packers 100x20mm 6mm RED
FFPACK221Flat Packers 100x20mm 1mm GREEN
FFPACK222Flat Packers 100x22mm 2mm BLACK
FFPACK223Flat Packers 100x22mm 3mm WHITE
FFPACK224Flat Packers 100x22mm 4mm GREY
FFPACK225Flat Packers 100x22mm 5mm BLUE
FFPACK226Flat Packers 100x22mm 6mm RED
FFPACK241Flat Packers 100x24mm 1mm GREEN
FFPACK242Flat Packers 100x24mm 2mm BLACK
FFPACK243Flat Packers 100x24mm 3mm WHITE
FFPACK244Flat Packers 100x24mm 4mm GREY
FFPACK245Flat Packers 100x24mm 5mm BLUE
FFPACK246Flat Packers 100x24mm 6mm RED
FFPACK24MIXFlat Packers 100x24mm ASSORTED PACK
FFPACK281Flat Packers 100x28mm 1mm GREEN
FFPACK282Flat Packers 100x28mm 2mm BLACK
FFPACK283Flat Packers 100x28mm 3mm WHITE
FFPACK284Flat Packers 100x28mm 4mm GREY
FFPACK285Flat Packers 100x28mm 5mm BLUE
FFPACK286Flat Packers 100x28mm 6mm RED
FFPACK28MIXFlat Packers 100x28mm ASSORTED PACK
FFPACK301Flat Packers 100x30mm 1mm GREEN
FFPACK302Flat Packers 100x30mm 2mm BLACK
FFPACK303Flat Packers 100x30mm 3mm WHITE
FFPACK304Flat Packers 100x30mm 4mm GREY
FFPACK305Flat Packers 100x30mm 5mm BLUE
FFPACK306Flat Packers 100x30mm 6mm RED
FFPACK30MIXFlat Packers 100x30mm ASSORTED PACK
FFPACK321Flat Packers 100x32mm 1mm GREEN
FFPACK322Flat Packers 100x32mm 2mm BLACK
FFPACK323Flat Packers 100x32mm 3mm WHITE
FFPACK324Flat Packers 100x32mm 4mm GREY
FFPACK325Flat Packers 100x32mm 5mm BLUE
FFPACK326Flat Packers 100x32mm 6mm RED
FFPACK32MIXFlat Packers 100x32mm ASSORTED PACK
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