Chipboard Screws

All of our chipboard screws are packed in the brand new strong and striking Deltaleigh packs but if you have any own label requirements please contact us.


For internal and external applications.


Made from C10 – 22 steel.
Zinc and Yellow passivated for increased corrosion protection.

  • 3.0x12mm and 3.0x30mm
  • 3.5×16 up to 3.5x50mm
  • 4.0×25 up to 4.0x80mm
  • 4.5×45 up to 4.5x60mm
  • 5.0×25 up to 5.0x120mm
  • 6.0×80 up to 6.0x150mm

All chipboard screws are packed in sturdy Deltaleigh boxes, barcoded and in strong outer cartons. 

Quantity per Carton: Depends on bolt size and length, please see our new catalogue for full details.