Insulation Fixings Panel & Insulation Fixings

Panel & Insulation Fixings

PANEL-FIX is recommended for securing rigid insulation, EPS, High Density Rockwool and Composites, to solid base materials.

For fixing soft insulation (Rockwool or similar), combine PANEL-FIX with a 90mm Diameter SUPPORT WASHER

PANEL-FIX is a one piece fixing manufactured from corrosion resistant Polypropylene. The head diameter is 35mm and features a rough surface to provide a key for applied renders.

PANEL-FIX is available in varying lengths to suit a wide range of insulation thicknesses.

PANEL-FIX is a friction fit fixing and is installed by driving into an 8mm diameter pre-drilled hole.

One size (M10) : 110 mm to 170 mm.


In neutral packaging ( own label showing Company name, code and bar code can be added)