SDS Plus Hammer Drill BitsSDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits

SDS plus drill bits have 4 grooves (2 open grooves, 2 closed), and can be used in regular SDS drills or SDS plus drills. The reason that SDS plus drill bits have 4 grooves is to support to extra torque that the SDS plus drill provides. They have a 10mm shank which is inserted 40mm into the chuck. They can be used in SDS hammer drills up to around 4kg in weight.


For use in concrete, brick, metal and stone with SDS chuck.


Tungsten Carbide tip. To DIN 8035.
Heat treated for extra hardness, suitable for all hammer drills with two slot system. Supplied on plastic hanging strip.


5mm x 160 – 210mm
5.5mm x 110 x 210mm
6mm x 160 – 210mm
6.5mm x 160 – 250mm
7mm x 160 – 210mm
8mm x 160 – 210mm
10mm x 160 – 210mm
12mm x 160 – 210mm



In neutral packaging ( own label showing Company name, code and bar code can be added).