Nylon Hammer FixingNylon Hammer Fixings


Concrete, natural stone with dense structure, solid brick, sand-lime solid brick, solid block made from lightweight concrete, aircrete, solid panel made from gypsum, vertically perforated brick, sand-lime perforated block, hollow block made from lightweight concrete.

For fixing of:

Wall connection or plaster profiles, baseboards, foils, sheet metals, squared timbers, cable and pipe clips, facings, substructures made of wood and metal. A fast solution with simple hammer in fitting.


Manufactured from virgin nylon, the hammer in fixing comes complete with a steel, screw nail being zinc and yellow passivated for corrision resistance. Fixing is pre assembled


  • M5: 25mm to 45mm
  • M6: 35mm to 70mm
  • M8: 75mm to 140mm
  • M10: 80 to 160mm


In neutral packaging (own label showing company name, code and bar code can be added)

Quantity Per Carton:

M5 and M6 gauges in cartons of 100
M8 and M10 gauge in cartons of 100

Download data sheet here: Nylon hammer fixings datasheet

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