Smart Gate

Open your gate or Garage with your phone

The iBlue Smart Gate device enables you to easily and securely control electric gates and
garage doors from your smartphone via a Bluetooth Smart connection. Furthermore, iBlue’s
virtual key sharing technology allows you to regulate the movement of employees or guests
by providing individual access rights throughout hotels, public institutions or office buildings.

All keys in one place!

The smartphone app allows you to control multiple gates equipped with iBlue Smart Gate.
You can assign individual colors, names and pictures to each virtual key.

Wide range of uses.

The device is easily installed in most gates
equipped with an electronic control
center — i.e. garage gates, gate opener
automation, industrial gates, barrier and
parking systems, automated (photocell)
doors, electromagnetic lock systems, access
control systems. Other solutions — iBlue
Smart Gate can be used for all connection
tasks where supply voltage is available to
the device, provided maximum
voltage does not exceed
35V DC or
24V AC.

Automatic Gate Detection

iBlue Smart Gate is also iBeaconTM compatible. When you approach the gate, the app conveniently pops up on the screen of your iOS phone.

Secure Technology

iBlue Smart Gate uses a Bluetooth Smart connection that is extremely difficult to detect, making it more secure
than gate openers using traditional radio frequency. The protection system uses 128-bit coding, similar to encryption used for bankcards.


The free smartphone app required to operate the gate opener can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS),
Google Play (Android) or the Windows Phone Store (Windows). Look for the iBlue Smart Key app!


Using the application, the virtual keys of iBlue devices can be shared with family members and friends to use based on their own individual access rights. In case of office buildings and residential parks, virtual keys belonging to one
gate can be easily shared in an unlimited manner using an application managed by a primary key holder.